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THE STILL COMPANY was founded because selling doesn’t actually sell. Stories sell.

Whether you’re a budding iPhone app looking for the angel investor to push you toward beta, or a startup trying to carve out your spot in the market landscape, or an old business hoping to reinvent yourself, the first step is always “distilling the story.” Sure, research and projections are essential, marketing strategies and social campaigns are crucial, but sometimes the noise must be turned down in order to hear what your business really is, where your brand identity really lies and what makes your unique offering truly valuable.

We boil down all the information you provide us until we think we’ve got an elixir that is composed of nothing but your essence. Then, we present it, telling your story with a clarity that is disarming, a sincerity that can’t be faked and a style that makes you look cool.

Everyone you’re trying to sell to, whether they’re sitting around a conference table or favoriting your tweets from home, is a human being. And if there’s one thing that rapidly growing industries are forgetting, it’s that every one of us is a sucker for a good story. Tell yours right.

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